JuttleApp was used as a judging system at Poland Championships in Gorzów Wielkopolski Funkowo which took place in 19th of November. It was the real test in action of JuttleApp!

JuttleApp at Poland Championships in Gorzów Wielkopolski / PoeOne in Judging panel
PoeOne using Juttle App

Judges Panel @ Poland Championships

Very important thing that judges panel was using WDSF type B system.

  • Poe One (WRLD) Style Elements
  • Bgirl Babyson (FR) Wanted Posse
  • Bboy Intact (UA) Ruffneck Attack (check his website!)


Rademenez (PL): As the charismatic host of the event, Rademenez from Poland brings not only his vibrant personality but also a deep understanding of the culture. His engaging commentary and infectious enthusiasm keep the audience captivated throughout the event.

Special thanks to

Thank you Adam “Hefo” Stefański for making it happen! Without you we couldn’t run our application in this format. Your feedback and all issues gathered on your side gave us a very valuable input in JuttleApp. It gave us a new point in our AppLog!

Videos with JuttleApp in the background from Poland Championships – Funkowo 2023

Flair vs Brzoza [Top16] | Gorzów Funkowo 2023