Thank you for producing the Juttle app. Judging dance is a task that must be paid more attention to if we want performances to be regarded as meaningful. Metaphysical work is hard to assess. Developing an interest and then training and finding out for oneself whether the gauged results cohere with the evaluations of others is an important step on the way to get a professional level. The Juttle app makes that possible. Great job!
BBoy Storm / StormDance / Dance Adjudication Network
I’ve used Juttle to coach my students on how to understand judging.They have loved it! It’s a great tool for any active judge to understand and train their judging, or breakdown battles so people know what they need to work on.
B-Boy Focus / BBoyDojo
The Juttle app is a great way for judges to practice the skill of judging, for coaches to identify how to help their athletes improve and for dancers to learn how to succeed in competition. The developers have clearly taken the time to understand the Trivium and Threefold judging systems well and are constantly making improvements to benefit the users. I’m excited to see where they take this project!
Niilante / Dance Adjudication Network
It’s the perfect tool to help judges practice with the system and be ready for the job. Not only that but It also adds great functionalities for comparison and reference. It can also help coaches and athletes a great deal. Its exactly what we need. Totally recommended!
Extremo / Addictos Crew
The Juttle App built the perfect simulated learning environment for judges to train with the Trivium and Threefold Judging interface. Because what's the worth of your driving license if you never drive a car? Move from theory to practice with the Juttle App!
Jurskee / Dance Adjudication Network
Every judge need to practice his judging skilz. With this app you will be ready when they call you to judge the real battle. It's BIG responsibility to move those sliders. Practice with this tool so NOBODY can say shit about your judging.
As a judge, speed and accurate analysis are crucial, and the Juttle app has become my go-to for refining these skills. Its user-friendly interface seamlessly translates knowledge into practical experience, offering a variety of options for comprehensive judging. It’s not just a tool for judges. I highly recommend Juttle to coaches and athletes alike for a deeper understanding of the system. This app is perfect for cultivating proper judging habits. Kudos to the developers for creating a valuable resource that aligns with the needs of Breaking community.