Check out the comprehensive breakdown of battle lists and final verdicts from the exhilarating Gorzów Funkowo 2023Poland Championships in Gorzów Wielkopolski. Delve into the intense competition within the B-Boys 16+ category’s knockout rounds, exploring the thrilling verdicts and revealing the journey of each battle. Witness the ultimate showcase of talent and skill as dancers compete for supremacy on this electrifying stage.

1/8 @ Gorzów Funkowo 2023

B-Boy Kleju vs B-Boy Kubek

B-Boy Emilio vs B-Boy Igorro

B-Boy Gregory vs B-Boy Barti

B-Boy Kołczu vs B-Boy Monster

B-Boy Destro vs B-Boy Stilo

B-Boy Brzoza vs B-Boy Flair

B-Boy Martin vs B-Boy Globi

B-Boy Mistrzunio vs B-Boy Jee Ess


B-Boy Igorro vs B-Boy Kleju

B-Boy Monster vs B-Boy Barti

B-Boy Brzoza vs B-Boy Destro

B-Boy Jee Ess vs B-Boy Martin


B-Boy Monster vs B-Boy Kleju

B-Boy Jee Ess vs B-Boy Brzoza

Final of Gorzów Funkowo 2023 Category: B-Boys 16+

3rd place battle
B-Boy Brzoza vs B-Boy Jee Ess

1st place battle
B-Boy Kleju vs B-Boy Jee Ess