Breaking barriers and expanding possibilities,, the revolutionary platform for battle judging, takes a monumental leap forward with the introduction of three distinct judging systems – Trivium, Threefold, and the classic judging system. This groundbreaking update empowers users to select the preferred judging system effortlessly, simply by choosing the right system adjacent to the ‘Submit Verdict’ button, seamlessly transforming their panel to align with their chosen system.

Embracing Versatility in Battle Judging

1. Trivium Judging System: With the Trivium system now integrated into, users can experience a more comprehensive approach to evaluating battles. This system, known for its emphasis on multiple criteria, enriches the judging process by allowing consideration of diverse factors, resulting in more nuanced and detailed assessments.

Juttle App Trivium view
JuttleApp Trivium view

2. Threefold Judging System: Offering another layer of versatility, the Threefold system adds depth to battle judging. By incorporating three key aspects of assessment, this system provides a structured approach that aids in a holistic evaluation of performances, contributing to a fair and thorough judgment process.

Juttle App Three-fold view
JuttleApp Three-fold view

3. Classic Judging System: For those inclined towards familiarity and traditional judging methods, the classic judging system remains available. Users can opt for this system to maintain a sense of continuity in their judging process, ensuring a familiar and reliable approach to battle assessment.

Simplifying User Experience

The integration of these diverse judging systems within signifies a significant milestone in simplifying the battle judging experience. Users now have the liberty to select the system that best aligns with their preferences and requirements, facilitating a more tailored and personalized approach to evaluating performances.

A Giant Leap Forward

This development marks a remarkable stride towards providing a comprehensive and inclusive platform that caters to the diverse needs of battle judges. By incorporating these three distinct judging systems, reaffirms its commitment to offering a dynamic and adaptable environment for battle assessment.


The inclusion of Trivium, Threefold, and the classic judging systems within represents an evolution in battle judging technology. This pioneering move aims to empower users, amplifying their ability to judge battles more accurately, fairly, and in a manner that suits their individual preferences.

As continues to pave the way for innovation in battle judging, users can anticipate further advancements and enhancements. Moreover, we invite you to explore these new judging systems and witness firsthand the transformation they bring to the battle judging experience.

Furthermore, join us on this journey of innovation and discovery as we strive to revolutionize battle judging, one system at a time. Additionally, thank you for being part of this incredible milestone as we continue to push boundaries and redefine the standards of excellence in battle assessment with