Dive into the exhilarating breakdown of the Knockout Round in the B-Girls 12-15 category at Gorzów Funkowo 2023. Uncover the intense battles and decisive moments as talented dancers compete for supremacy. Explore the electrifying journey through each round, revealing the remarkable skill and passion on display in this vibrant championship.

1/8 @ Gorzów Funkowo 2023 – Category: B-Girls 12-15

B-Girl Jula vs B-girl Ada

B-Girl Fresh Hana vs B-Girl Górska Iga

B-Girl Hanko vs B-Girl Hana

B-Girl Czarna Lilia vs B-Girl Spark

B-Girl Mayo vs B-Girl Maja Orzechowska

B-Girl Emi vs B-Girl Tokyo

B-Girl Prażyna vs B-Girl Kalina Rędzikowska

B-Girl Szyper Wiktoria vs B-Girl Rio


B-Girl Górska Iga vs B-Girl Jula

B-Girl Spark vs B-Girl Hanko

B-Girl Emi vs B-Girl Mayo

B-Girl Rio vs B-Girl Kalina Rędzikowska


B-Girl Spark vs B-Girl Jula

B-Girl Rio vs B-Girl Emi

Final @ Gorzów Funkowo 2023 – Category: B-Girls 12-15

3rd place battle
B-Girl Emi vs B-Girl Spark

1st place battle
B-Girl Rio vs B-Girl Jula